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Dundee Coach Hire

Dundee Coach Hire is a bus and transportations company that is dedicated to helping both residents and visitors of Dundee, Scotland in moving in and around the city. We make effective and high-quality transportations solutions to people in and around Dundee and ensure that they are conveyed around the city with much ease and as little stress as possible.

We do our very best to help people in their bid to move around Dundee easily and we do so by offering them a wide array of transportation services. We make sure that our services are highly personalized and bespoke to their needs and requirements and we provide these services with customer satisfaction and quality as part of our guiding principles.  Regardless of the event or where it will be holding within Dundee, you can rest assured that we can help you out.

At Dundee Coach Hire, we make sure to employ only the best drivers. We make sure to have them drilled and tested to ensure that they represent us and our commitment to effective service delivery. We also ensure that they have good knowledge of Dundee and its landmarks as it helps them in carrying out their duties even better. these drivers are only bolstered by our wide array of roadworthy and highly effective vehicles, all of which are tested before being released for jobs and which are fitted with state of the art facilities as well as navigation and monitoring technology all in a aim t make your trip even more safe and comfortable.


Our Vehicles

Iveco 16-Seater Minibus Standard

All 16vseats of the Iveco Minibus are awesome for relaxation and comfort. The vehicle itself is a flagship vehicle that makes traveling as comfortable as possible.  

12 to 16-Seater Ford Transit

The Ford Transit makes it even more possible to travel in style and with great comfort. It has all the amenities that you could possibly need as well as enough space for luggage as well.

Executive Minibus Mercedes

The executive Mercedes Minibus is one which is perfect for formal outings. It has a bold and professional outlook that will only serve to bolster your image.

Renault Standard 16-Seater

Take advantage of the highly comfortable and sleekly designed Renault Standard. It has 16 highly comfortable seats as well as enough leg space for relaxing.  

Volkswagen Crafter 16-Seater Minibus

Comfort and durability are two highlights of the Volkswagen Crafter. It has a sturdy build which makes it perfect for rough terrains.  

8-Seater Minibus

The 8-seater minibus is awesome, especially when moving with a small group of people. It is fast and still spacious enough to relax.  

12 to 14-Seater Minibus

The 12 to 24-seater minibus works better for occasions such as weddings or conferences. It is quick on the road and comfortable enough for its passengers to enjoy a nice trip.  

16-Seater Minibus

16 people will fit in here perfectly and without stress. It also has enough space to accommodate luggage.

24-Seater Minibus

Fully stocked and with extra luggage space the 24-seater minibus is awesome for any occasion.

28 to 35-Seater Minibus

This vehicle has the ability to transport between 28 and 35 passengers without any stress. It is also very comfortable, making it a very cost effective choice.

49-Seater Minibus

It has also been made popular due to its ability to move even larger amounts of people in a comfortable and safe fashion.

53-Seater Minibus

This is the most efficient and highly cost-effective means of conveying over 50 people. Although large, it’s got the speed that you need for emergency situations as well.

Double-Decker Coach

The double-decker coach is one of the most efficient vehicles that can be useful for occasions where you have to deal with a lot of people. It helps reduce costs by a great deal.  

72-Seater Coach

The 72-seater coach is quick, spacious, and filled with travel amenities that will make your trip as smooth and comfortable as possible.

Our Bus and Coach Hire Company

We have been able to structure our bus and coach hire company to be able to help in various capacities. By engaging a reliable 24-hour support system, we can help clients and see to the meeting of their needs, especially those that might be emergencies. We also maintain an effective service that helps any of our clients with their events and coach hire needs. Basically, you can get an all-encompassing service from us that will definitely see to all your needs in a bespoke and personalized manner.

We have the best transportation workers available in Dundee. We train our drivers on aspects such as etiquette, driving skills, response to emergencies, etc and ensure that they give a perfect representation of us and our guiding principles. We also ensure to check and test our vehicles to determine their roadworthiness before giving the pout for hire.

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